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ZENEDA® Hair is the most natural form of real hair extensions available today. With the hair cuticle in tact, ZENEDA® Hair Extensions will not tangle, are completely reusable – look, feel and behave just like your natural hair.

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'Finding ZENEDA- HAIR WITH ENVY was like finding an ice cream machine in the middle of the desert'

Hair Extensions Australia

Luscious, Longer Hair is Attainable With Natural, Real Hair Extensions in Australia

For centuries, women and men have been enhancing their looks using hairpieces, sewn on human or sheep’s wool braids and wigs, and in the 21st century times are no different. Luckily, we no longer need to use animal hair but have access to high-quality natural human hair extensions in Australia.

The Benefits of Hair Extensions

Having our own beautiful, long hair would be ideal, but it is not always possible. Modern lifestyle stress, over-styling, bleaching and colouring, and shorter hairstyle trends can all leave our hair in less than perfect condition or much shorter than our dream style requires. That’s why we love hair extensions that offer the following:

  • Added length and volume: As their name suggests, the primary benefit of extensions is to increase the length and fullness of your hair. Instead of waiting it out for years, you can have stunning waist-length hair in a day or cut and style the extensions for that chic layered style you’ve always wanted but lacked the patience to grow. In addition, extensions are no longer just for adding length. They can also add volume to thin hair to make your hair look healthy and thick.
  • Vibrant colour: Give your over-coloured hair a rest and hair extensions to add interest instead. Hair extensions are now available in your natural or desired hair colour. Alternatively, ZENEDA® Hair Extensions can be custom toned to any colour you like by your hairdresser.
  • Experiment with styles and textures: Hair extensions offer you the opportunity to try out styles and textures, such as having very straight hair. You can also change your look for a significant event without the stress of a longer-term commitment.
  • Healthier looking hair: By adding length to your hair, extensions disguise split ends, resulting in robust, healthy hair and a well-groomed appearance.

One of our favourite advantages of hair extensions is how easy they are to use. However, if you’re visiting a salon to have more permanent, bonded extensions, make sure you use the best hair extensions for value for money and choose a reputable, extension-certified stylist to avoid damaging your hair.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Premium Hair Extensions

Whether you’re looking for luxury hair extensions online for individual applications or sourcing wholesale hair extensions to pass on to your customers, our products are for you. We offer:

  • High quality, natural hair: We use ZENEDA® Hair Extensions, real human hair with intact hair cuticles. As such, these extensions are less likely to tangle, are reusable, behave, look and feel beautifully natural, and offer full-time wear longevity of up to 18 months depending on the colour you choose.
  • Customisable Sets: Our range of hair extension colours can be mixed and matched to create the desired hair extension look you desire. With every colour combination available in our range, you can create a customised hair extension set specific to your own requirements.
  • Cost-effective solutions: We offer reliable, professionally applied extensions, safeguarding your hair and your hair extensions. Because we spend time attaching your extension right the first time, we help extend the life of the additions, providing a highly cost-effective service and product.
  • Cost Effective Solutions: Our premium hair extensions are a great investment because of their lifespan. Lasting longer than other brands, your hair extensions will save you money, time and stress in the long run. Wearing a beautiful hair extension set that won’t tangle or cause you any fuss – are long lasting so you don’t have to keep buying new hair all the time and will also allow your natural hair to grow faster because they aren’t so knotty you have to keep on brushing them all the time.

Our glorious ZENEDA® Hair Extensions have been worn nationally and internationally for at least a decade.

High quality and reliable hair extensions that have been worn for years and have been regarded to be some of the best hair extensions woman have ever worn.

Why You Can Trust ZENEDA® - Hair With Envy for Long-Lasting Hair Extensions

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