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Our ZENEDA® Clip-In piece is an easy way to enhance your look from short to long in minutes! Customised to fit comfortably in your hair all day long! Using the best cuticle in-tact human hair offering the most natural wearing clip in hair piece which can be styled, coloured is tangle free and long lasting. This luxury hair extension piece will look, move and style just like your natural hair for a flawless result every time. Say goodbye to knotty and unruley hair extension pieces - have it styled and blended to match your natural hair and never have to worry about what order to put your hair extensions in. One piece - one fit - with a perfect result, every time.

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Clip in Hair Extensions

What You Can Expect from Our Clip in Hair Extensions

ZENEDA® HAIR EXTENSIONS, we have designed our own exclusive design of clip in hair extensions to ensure you wear the most natural hair extensions and hair pieces on the market. ZENEDA® won’t tangle and our hair extensions are reusable with a lifespan that can exceed a year with full time wear and when you take care of them correctly. In addition, our high-quality extensions will look and feel like your natural hair, creating the perfect extension results every time.

Benefits Of Our Clip in Hair Extensions in Australia

Our customised hair extensions clip in perfectly and securely, offering you the opportunity to extend your hair however you see fit. In addition, clip in hair extensions provide the best and most versatile styles since you can go from short to long within seconds.

  • Clip-in extensions don’t require the same commitment as tape ins or permanent hair extensions. Depending on how often you wear your clip-in ZENEDA® Hair Piece, it can last years longer and you have the freedom to remove them daily and wear them as you see fit, giving you so much hair styling freedom.
  • Given the flexibility of clip-in extensions, you will be able to change your look at any given time. For example, you can go from a ponytail longer and fuller look to a short bob from one day to the next. Clip-in extensions are ideal for women looking to change their look in mere minutes.
  • When it comes to clip-in extensions they are exceptionally versatile for styling, and you can treat them like your natural hair.

Tips For Choosing Clip on Human Hair Extensions

Getting the perfect hair extensions from the start can take some effort, but it will be worth all your time researching them. At ZENEDA® HAIR EXTENSIONS our customized clip in hair extensions are the highest quality possible. We ensure to provide hair quality that you will love.

ZENEDA® Hair Extensions

At ZENEDA® Hair Extensions, we provide high-quality hair extensions ensuring a premium hair extension line for yourself and hair salons alike. ZENEDA® Hair extensions are available Australia Wide after almost a decade of trialling and testing on hundreds of women over its years and being exclusive to one of Melbourne’s leading hair extension salons Hair With Envy. A premium and luxury hair extension line for you and your hair salons. Your hair is a work of art and deserves the same treatment. Contact us today to book a consultation or for any further queries.