Human Hair Extensions

Achieve Your Hair Goals With Our Human Hair Extensions

Our range of human hair extensions provides tangible advantages over other hair extensions. With their long lifespan, silky texture, tangle free and ability to withstand vigorous styling, these top-quality hair extensions will be amazing to wear and give you the freedom to treat them like your natural hair.

The Benefits of Human Hair Extension Wefts

Hair extensions date back to the time of Cleopatra, who wore wigs and hairpieces made of sheep’s wool. Human hair is the material for modern extensions, providing a natural look while offering a durable hair solution. A few benefits:

  • Add colour or colour match. Gone are the days when individuals had to use hair extensions solely to add length. Our versatile extensions now offer a healthier way to change your shade as well as and easy colour matching system for easy colour match toning. Our types of human hair extensions are equipped with a customised colour range which offers the opportunity to colour match any desired colour, from bright fashion colours, to natural cooler tones of blonde – from black, to copper, reds and platinum looks. Choose a hair extension piece that matches the base tone of your colour – and have it toned on your hair colour appointment with the exact same colour as your hair. NO MORE POORLY MATCHED HAIR EXTENSIONS. ZENEDA® can be coloured and toned.
  • Provides volume. Are you tired of lifeless, thin hair? Our top-quality hair extensions can instantly add volume to your hair, providing you with bouncy, thick locks.
  • Adds length. Growing your hair requires time, patience, and, often, expensive treatments and products that don’t always last. Hair extensions can speed up the process and are the ideal solution for anyone with slow-growing hair or hair prone to breakage. ZENEDA® Hair Extensions are tangle free and will help your grow out your natural hair in the process of wearing them.
  • Versatile hairstyles. If you enjoy trying new hairstyles but worry about the damage that you may cause your natural hair, our luxury human hair extensions clip-in enables you to experiment with different hairdos and by using the safest clip in design available minimising any risk of breakage. Our clip-in extensions allow you unlimited options for your hair –short and curly today, long and straight next week. Express your personality through our extensive range of ZENEDA® Hair Extensions.
  • Simple to use. With a quick DIY installation, our clip-in extensions provide longer, thicker hair in seconds.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Human Hair Extensions in Australia

If you’re looking to add volume, length or fullness then our weft extensions are ideal. Simply purchase your hair extensions online and have them installed by your hair extension specialist.

With almost 20 years of hair extension experience, at ZENEDA® Hair Extensions we recommend hair extension wefts as being the best permanent hair extension option as long as they are installed by a trained hair extension specialist. We provide only the best-quality hair extensions to match in with your natural hair, which are reusable when they grow out with a lifespan that ranges from 10 months – 18 months with full time wear. Our hair extensions are easy to wear, easy to care for and will look, move and behave just like your natural hair does.

Our hair extension pieces are ideal for woman looking for a non-permanent hair extension solution which can be installed and removed daily. The solution is designed for a comfortable fit with the best clip in support system to take care of your natural hair as best as possible.

With all the options available, it can be difficult to understand which hair extension option to choose. We provide only the best-quality hair extensions to match your natural hair, and they are reusable when they grow out.

Be it clip-in or weft, if you’re looking for human hair extensions for sale, contact us for more information superior service.