Russian Hair Extensions

Authentic Russian Hair Extensions

Genuine Russian hair extensions are an expensive investment because they are beautiful, rare, delicate, silky, and tangle-free natural hair. These extensions typically come as a custom order in handmade wefts, and when you look after them, they can last over 12 months. They can however, cost thousands of dollars.

Although ZENEDA® Hair Extensions are not Russian Hair, they will last and perform like Russian Hair Extensions and cost a fraction of the price. Russian Hair is the most beautiful hair extensions you can buy but ZENEDA® performs just as well and will not break your budget. Long lasting, tangle free and beautiful.

Tips for Looking After Your Hair Extensions

At ZENEDA® Hair Extensions we have put together a complete hair care booklet to ensure you can take care of your hair extensions at home with the least amount of stress possible.

Please refer to our website to view our booklet on how to care for your ZENEDA® Hair Extensions at home.

As you are investing in our top-quality Zeneda® natural hair extensions, there is a little work required on your part to look after them—the same as you would with your natural hair. You will need to visit the salon for reinstallations or reattachments as required.

Fun Facts About Our Head Stylist Creator

Over the years Stacey has been developing ZENEDA® Hair Extensions to deliver the most genuine and beautiful hair extension brand to the woman of Melbourne. Having worked with some of the best Hair Extension Specialists in the industry, with her extensive training and industry knowledge, she has developed a trusted brand of hair extensions which have been worn and loved by woman for years. With a background in hair replacement her knowledge in the hair loss game has given her the edge she needed to provide woman with a safe option for their hair, with the opportunity to deliver a product that not only allows your natural hair to grow longer and stronger, but to give you the best hair extension experience she could offer.