Weave Hair Extensions

Try Our Weave Hair Extensions for a Marvellous Mane

If you embrace your personal style and all the ways that you can express it, we offer your perfect-fit weave hair extensions. Tired of coming across substandard weave products? We distinguish ourselves by providing reputable salons with high-quality weaves so that you can boldly walk into the world with a head full of thick, gorgeous hair.

What Is a Weave Hair Extension?

During a weave hair extension installation, a professional will sew the weft of a hairpiece into a braid or beaded track on your scalp to give it a base of support. You will need a professional stylist to do this service for you. Here is the process of installing hair extension weaves:

  • Initial attachment. After your hair extension consultation should be ready to install your hair extension weave. Each piece can be customized with two colours to create your desired colour as well as the thickness of your desired result. Depending on the length and fullness you desire, decide on how many hair extension weave rows you will have installed.
  • Maintenance and Reinstallation Services. Your ZENEDA® Hair Extensions can be reused various times however, for permeant hair extension weaves you will need to have your hair reinstalled as part of the maintenance. This service takes place every 4-8 weeks depending on the density of your natural hair.

How Long Do Weave Hair Extensions Last?

Wondering ‘how much are weave extensions?’ and ‘how long do they last?’ When considering cost, keep in mind that extensions are not a one-off investment – however, with ZENEDA® Hair Extensions you are investing in a quality product that will last and will save you money in the long run but not having to replace your hair all the time. Our Hair Extensions weave sets offers strong value; however, you’ll also need to budget for the upkeep of your extensions. Here are some pointers on how to make your weave last for better value:

  • CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION - If the cost of maintenance concerns you, you can purchase a clip in weave set. This way, you can save money on your maintenance costs and wear your hair piece whenever you like. ZENEDA® Clip Ins are just as high quality as our weaves and will save you money in the long term by removing the obligation of your hair extension weave maintenance.
  • LONG LASTING: Hair Extensions can last short or longer term depending on the quality and colour. With ZENEDA® Hair Extensions your platinum blonde hair extension weaves can last up to 18 months when cared for well. Mid -range colours (dark blonde – light brown colours) can last over 12 months and our dark colours, browns and black colours have a minimum life span of 12 months but in some cases last 2+ years.
  • MAINTENANCE: Taking care of your ZENEDA® Hair Extensions are pretty low maintenance. We offer a hair care line that is completely suitable, the right brushes and combs and all the information you need to keep your hair extensions lasting and performing at their best for your investment.

Why Trust ZENEDA® - Hair With Envy?

With almost 20 years experience- ZENEDA® Hair Extensions have been worn at the Spring Racing Carnival, in Fashion on the Fields, during Melbourne Fashion Week, on the Miss Australia Stage as well as Australian Idol and in fashion, glamour photoshoots and music festivals around the world.

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